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Control Transformer

Control Transformer

INDUSREE make control transformers are open dry-type step down/stepping voltage transformers. All these transformers have electric application as a source of secondary control power.

THREE PHASE (Shell Type)
THREE PHASE (Resin Cast)
Isolation Transformer
Isolation Transformer
  • Available Capacity

    From 5 VA to 50 KVA, Single or three phase, 50 Hz /60 Hz

  • Application

    It has a very wide range of applications like supplying most important control power in MCC , PCC & various electrical panels. These transformers can also be used in separate enclosures individually for standalone application.

  • Quality Features

    Winding : Transformers coils are wind with the help of high graded automatic machine, thus ensures quality winding.
    Core Lamination : Usually 0.23 mm to 0.27 mm silicon steel with high permeability to ensure minimum core loss and no load current.
    Insulation : The bobbin, interlayer insulation and inter winding insulation are high quality insulation like nomex paper, film, fibre glass based material,resi glass tape etc.The high quality impregnating varnishes are used for Vaccum Pressure Impregnating (VPI) of coils.
    Clamping : Assembled Cores are fixed with box Clamp/ channel /angle etc. to avoid noise & mechanical breakage.
    Terminal : To ensure good connection stud type terminals fitted in a fibre glass board are used for termination of lead . This board is shrouded by transparent acrylic sheet to protect terminals from foreign objects and mechanical damage.

Auto Transformer

INDUSREE make auto transformer are open/ close, / type have all electric application in motor starter panel to limit starting current of and induction motor.
Tapings are available 50%, 60%, 80%, 100%.

Auto Transformer
  • Available Capacity

    From 5 KVA to 500 KVA, Three phase, 50Hz/60Hz.

  • Application

    Motors, CNC machine etc.

Three Phase to Single Phase Transformer

INDUSREE make 3ph/1ph transformers are open / close ,dry / oil cooled type, are used where there is a high single phase load. Unbalance in the input side can be reduced by using this type of transformer.

3 phase to single phase
  • Available Capacity

    Up to 50 KVA, 50 HZ / 60 Hz

  • Application

    UPS bypass panels , Furnace application etc.

Constant Voltage Transformer (CVT)

  • Quality Features

    ⦿ Isolation through double winding .
    ⦿ Very fast voltage correction(less than 40m sec).
    ⦿ Very high line transient/spike rejection capability.
    ⦿ Intrinsic current limit and short circuit protection.
    ⦿ Short time overload capacity.
    ⦿ 100 times faster than a servo voltage stabilizer.

  • Specifications

    ⦿ Input voltage :170 volt to 270 volts.
    ⦿ Line frequency :50 Hz
    ⦿ Phase : Single
    ⦿ Output Voltage :220/230/240 Nominal
    ⦿ Efficiency : 80%
    ⦿ Wave form : Almost SINUSOIDAL
    ⦿ Distortion : Approx. 5% under full load condition
    ⦿ Line Regulation : A variation of input voltage of 15% will result in only a 1% variation in output voltage.
    ⦿ Load Regulation : For a load variation from 50% to full load, only 3% variation will occur in output voltage.
    ⦿ Class of insulation : A,B,F,H (Selectable)
    ⦿ Effect of frequency :Approx. 2.5% voltage change in output voltage, for every 1Hz change in frequency.